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Presentation Skills: 10 Quick Tips For Using Flip Charts

By Mike Aoki

1) Pre-write your notes on the flip chart page in faint pencil so you can refer to them as you present. (Your participants will not be able to see your writing, but you will.)

2) Test your markers in advance. Better yet, travel with your own markers.

3) Use dark-coloured markers. The contrast between dark ink and paper will make your writing easier to read.

4) Print in large letters so people can easily see your words. Use a mix of capital and lower case letters.

5) Remember the KILL principle: Keep It Large and Legible

6) Use no more than 5 words across or 5 lines down the page.

7) Use two flip charts to display contrasting ideas or “pros and cons”

8) Write only on the upper two-thirds of the page (it is difficult to see the bottom third from the back of the room.)

9) Ask for a volunteer to write for you so you can focus on the participants. But, be sure to help the volunteer interpret what is being said and help them edit the participant’s responses.

10) The most important tip: “Touch, Turn and Talk.” Have you ever seen anyone read from his or her flipchart while talking? All you see is the back of their head while they block your view of the page.

Instead, stand beside the flip chart, TOUCH the bullet point you are about to discuss, then TURN and face the audience (so they can see you clearly) and lastly, TALK. If you remember to “touch, turn and then talk,” you will always be facing the audience while you are speaking.

Use these 10 quick tips for using flip charts to make your next presentation a success!

© 2010 Reflective Keynotes Inc., Mississauga, Canada

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