Get personalized one-on-one coaching to make your next speech or training session a success.

1) If you’re having trouble getting started, I can help you overcome procrastination. There are easy techniques to help you get started so you’re well prepared for your speech or training session.

I’ll assist you in organizing your ideas. We’ll work together to develop an outline for your speech or seminar. It’s so much easier to do with expert help.

2) If you need one-on-one coaching to help you deliver your speech, we’ll work together to smooth out those rough edges.

The difference between a veteran speaker and an inexperienced one is a matter of coaching. It’s always easier to learn from someone else’s experience.

I’ll share the tips I’ve learned as a full time speaker and trainer for the past 11 years.

3) If you’re launching a new training program or hoping to gain buy in from your team members, I can assist you in developing an internal training marketing plan.

As Manager of Training at one of the biggest call centers in Canada, I launched several successful training programs. Why reinvent the wheel when you can save time using a proven formula?

4) If your speech or presentation isn’t fully polished, I can edit it so you are fully prepared for success.  I’ll assist you in re-writing your speech or seminar so you look good.

5) If you’ve delivered your speech but feel you could have done better, I’ll observe you in-person or review a short videotape of your speech or training session.

Just a few quick tips or adjustments can make you look better. I’ll do an in-depth analysis of your speaking style. Then I’ll customize a coaching plan so your next speech will create a powerful positive impression.

Imagine having a mentor to coach you on becoming a successful presenter and trainer. For years, I’ve mentored other trainers and speakers “behind the scenes.” Now, I’m offering that same one-on-one coaching to you.

For more information about our coaching and consulting help, please contact us at or call us at 905-567-8432.


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