About Us

In case you have been forwarded to this blog or, you are a new subscriber, I would like to give you more information about:

  • Who I am
  • What our company does
  • How it benefits our clients

Born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, I overcame a life and death childhood experience and later became a successful motivational speaker and trainer. My background includes almost 20 years of call center, sales and leadership experience. So, I bring real-life examples to my speeches, training workshops and consulting work.

Mike, at the edge of the Grand Canyon
Mike Aoki, in front of the Grand Canyon

On a personal note, my grandparents came to Canada from Japan in 1902. So, my family has celebrated more than a century in Canada. I currently live in a suburb called Mississauga, located on the edge of Toronto, Canada, with my wonderful wife, Jana. In my leisure time, I enjoy watching movies, auto racing, football and sci-fi.

Our company does two things:

  1. Call center training workshops, sales training workshops, and presentation skills workshops customized for your organization and held at your location, and
  2. Motivational keynote speeches at conferences, conventions and sales rallies

Client benefits include:

  • Improved sales results
  • Improved client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased ability to lead and manage a sales or call center team

If you have attended my speeches or seminars, you know I speak and facilitate workshops for a living.

So, please share this blog with anyone who might be interested. Word of mouth is always appreciated.


Mike Aoki


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