PowerPoint article in Slate Magazine

I just read a great article on using PowerPoint called, “Microsoft’s PowerPoint isn’t evil, if you learn how to use it” by Slate writer, Farhad Manjoo.

I’ve sat through some terrible PowerPoint presentations during my corporate life. I’ve seen slides with tiny 12 point text (for a room of 150 people!) I’ve seen slides where the lettering entered the screen from the top, bounced up and down a bit, and finally stopped to be read. I’ve also seen slides with light blue lettering on a dark blue background, which turned out to be unreadable thanks to a dimmer than expected projector.

The point is, many of these mistakes are preventable. They come from not knowing how to use PowerPoint. In his article, the author gives some great tips on how to use PowerPoint. More importantly, he discussed WHEN PowerPoint is most effective, and when it’s not. His article is at:  http://www.slate.com/id/2253050

Related tips:
This article talks about “Death by PowerPoint.” This related story gives tips on how to energize your audience and eliminate disruptions. Here is a list of some popular presentation skills workshops.


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