Sales Presentations: The 7 Deadly Sins

By Mike Aoki

In my presentation skills seminars over the past 10 years, I’ve observed that great salespeople have “habits” while ineffective salespeople commit “sins.”

When doing a sales presentation have you ever been tempted by:

1. Sloth:

Being lazy and using the same generic presentation with every prospect. Instead, a great salesperson customizes their presentation so it’s easier to close the sale.

2. Pride:

Being a “know it all” when answering an audience’s question. Instead, great salespeople admit when they don’t know something and commit to finding the right answer.

3. Greed:

Being preoccupied with your sales commission. Audiences can sense that. Instead, a great sales presentation outlines the benefits to the CLIENT.

4. Envy:

Being jealous of someone else’s sales territory, product lineup or “easier clients.” Instead, a great salesperson makes the most of their chances. Delivering a sales presentation is one of those opportunities.

5. Gluttony:

“Padding” sales by pushing unnecessary items during your presentation. Instead, a great salesperson knows if you do good work, more sales will follow.

6. Wrath:

Blaming the client, competitors or the economy for poor results. A great salesperson focuses upon fixing the problem, not fixing the blame.

7. Lust:

Falling in love with the sound of your own voice. Some people feel they can talk anybody into anything. But, a great salesperson asks questions. They listen. They customize their sales presentation to satisfy their client’s needs. No wonder great salespeople close more sales and make more money!

Avoid the temptation of these 7 deadly sins during your next sales presentation! Instead, use the techniques of great salespeople to boost your sales results.

© 2010 Reflective Keynotes Inc., Mississauga, Canada

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One response to “Sales Presentations: The 7 Deadly Sins

  1. The sins are very rightly discussed and must be taken care of. Nice work.

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