Presentation Skills: “Real Photos” are Better

By Mike Aoki

One of the latest trends in PowerPoint design is the use of “real people” photos. These are photos you take yourself, rather than depending upon a professional photographer using professional models.

This can give your speech a warmer, more “down to earth” feel, and allow you to connect with your audience.

Of course, it’s easy to take photos with your digital camera. But, the trick is to save the photos at a lower resolution and file size, so it loads quickly on your PowerPoint slide.

Generally even .jpg photos with a file size of 50-80 KB will still look good, depending upon how big an image you need to project. (Always test your PowerPoint deck ahead of time to make sure the images look good when projected onto a screen.)

I’ll use photos of myself, my family or friends, in various situations, in order to illustrate a key point from my presentation.

But remember:  if you are showing a photo of someone else, you need to get their written permission first. Also, for a business audience, ensure your photos fit their corporate culture.

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One response to “Presentation Skills: “Real Photos” are Better

  1. That sounds like a great idea. I need to start taking pictures of my co-workers so I can show them on the big screen.

    I especially liked the related tips section – good stories there.

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