5 Tips For Attention Grabbing Seminar Titles

Why are certain people always noticed? Why are their seminars continually sold out? What is their secret? The answer:  they captivate their audience with a strong seminar title.

Think of a newspaper. A great headline grabs attention. You need a great “headline” or seminar title  that makes people WANT to attend your workshop.

Think of a TV news show. They use attention-grabbing headlines to seize your interest. Twenty years ago the average sound “bite” on TV was 30-seconds long. Now, networks use 7-second sound clips. You need to rapidly make an impact. A great title does that.

A great title offers benefits to your attendees. It improves your “back of the room” product sales  by attracting more people. A great title also makes it easier to write your seminar. For example, creating a title like, “How To Turn Free Speeches Into Paid Clients”, focuses your content in support of that title.

Here are 5 tips to create attention-grabbing seminar titles:

1) Use the “how to” model and offer a benefit statement. For example, “How to overcome your fear of public speaking and smile while doing it.”

2) Ask an open-ended question the audience cannot answer: For example, “Why do great speakers get promoted faster?”

3) Use curiosity: For example, “Learn the three secrets to a great speech”

4) Use a vivid statistic like “55% of people fear public speaking more than death”

5) Make an outrageous – but supportable – claim such as “Design a 1-day seminar in less than a week.”

Here is a bonus tip for choosing amazing titles:

Write one seminar title per index card. Show them to a friend. Do not ask which one is best. Instead ask, “Which seminar do you want to hear more about?” The seminar title they want to hear more about, is the title you need to use in your advertisements.

Great seminar titles boost attendance, increase sales and promise benefits to your participants.  They make it easier to design your seminar. Enhance your success by using these 5 tips for attention grabbing seminar titles.

© 2008 Reflective Keynotes Inc., Toronto, Canada

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10 responses to “5 Tips For Attention Grabbing Seminar Titles

  1. Great article. Now I know the process to come up with my future seminar names. Thanks.

  2. Hi Maz, thanks for commenting on my blog post. I’m glad my article helped!

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  7. Natalie Carpenter

    Good info. Short, but to the point.

  8. can you please suggest me some good titles for my seminar…..

  9. This totally helped me with my homework. Thanks!

  10. Amazing, This has helped me come up with my seminar topic so easily

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